Early to Rise: Breaking Down Delicious Breakfasts

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Let’s get real for a second. Of all the possible meals to enjoy in the world, the best meal of the day to have is breakfast (Don’t @ us, you know it’s true). Not only is breakfast delicious, but it helps set our moods right for the rest of your day. And here in Downtown New West? We do breakfast just right.

Still a naysayer? Check out some of these must-try dishes from great local breakfast/brunch spots for yourself and be convinced!

Probably the Best Sandwich Ever, from Bruncheria Café

Early to Rise - 01 - Bruncheria Cafe

It’s made-from-scratch fried chicken with bacon & eggs, topped with Swiss cheese and all the fixin’s served on a ciabatta bun. Bruncheria has other excellent dishes, but THIS is the kind of mouthwatering dish that forces you to sit down and enjoy every bite.

Classic Breakfast Sandwich, from Columbia Street Sandwich Co.

Early to Rise - 02 - Columbia Street Sandwich

Columbia Street Sandwich makes mean sandwiches for eating on-the-go, and their Classic breakfast sandwich is no exception. Fresh bread or bagels, layered with a fried egg, cheese, and your choice of bacon or ham? Face it: sometimes you can’t beat the Classics!

Biscuits and Gravy, from Re-Up BBQ

Early to Rise - 03 - Re-Up BBQ

This dish is every bit as rich and indulgent as you’d expect. With a choice between red and white gravy (and egg, cheese, and fried chicken as add-ons, of course), this fluffy, savory breakfast is built to sate even the hangriest of customers.

Literally the Whole Menu, from Angelina’s Restaurant

Early to Rise - 04 - Angelina's

Being voted Best Breakfast, Brunch, AND Sunday Brunch multiple years in a row by New West Reader’s Choice Awards means someone at Angelina’s got it together. After looking over their menu, we’re hard-pressed to disagree with the results; it’s just good eats all around.

Hummus Toast, from Old Crow Coffee Co.

Early to Rise - 05 - Old Crow Coffee

After some heavy choices for morning meals, we figured we’d cap this list off with something light and refreshing. Make no mistake, though; Old Crow’s Hummus Toast packs a delicious flavor punch like you won’t believe. Feel good ordering this scrumptious choice in the morning!

Don’t deny yourself a delicious meal at the start of the day: set those alarms and make the time for breakfast or brunch right here in New West’s downtown! Try any of the dishes listed here? Don’t forget to tag us on social media using #downtownnewwest!

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