Feature StrEAT: What You Need to Try at Columbia StrEAT!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Columbia StrEAT is less than 2 weeks away! It’s never too early to start planning which food trucks to hit up. With over 80 trucks, 6 beer gardens, local vendors and many activities, it is essential to have a game plan so you can cram as much food in as possible!

Here are some favorites, plus some new ones you've got to try out:

The Frying Pan


If you love fried chicken, the Frying Pan is a place that you have to try. Their Spicy Fried Chicken Burger is their most popular item, featuring a deep fried chicken breast, a soft bun, cabbage slaw and pickles. It comes in three different heat options to suit everyone’s tastes. Aren’t looking for a full meal? Try their bulgogi fries.

Pre Bak


Have you ever been tempted to eat raw cookie dough? Now you can do it without any guilt! Pre Bak has created an edible cookie dough made with chia seeds instead of eggs, and heat treated flour. They come in a variety of flavors, such as original chocolate chip, peanut butter and s’mores. Plus – their cute cart is made for instagramming your yummy snack.

REEL Mac and Cheese


Everyone loves mac and cheese… but gourmet mac and cheese is just that much better. REEL makes their mac and cheese from scratch, adding butter, spices and seven different types of cheese. Each of their specialty dishes are inspired by movies, such as the Godzilla or Slum Dog Millionaire. If you’re looking to never be satisfied by regular mac and cheese again, this should be your next stop.

Snow Cloud Shavery


A perfect summer treat, Snow Cloud Shavery is known for a base of shaved milk – making it lighter than ice cream, but creamier than shaved ice. You can choose two toppings, including fresh fruit, cereal and mochi, and then finish with your choice of drizzle. Find them to beat the heat and satisfy your sweet tooth.



A new Vancouver truck, Marimba serves Veracruz-style empanadas, which are stuffed with your choice of filling and encased in gluten-free dough, or Mexican style sandwiches. Their Powell River Torta is made with fresh, locally sourced salmon (can you guess from where?) and served with guac and your choice of hibiscus water or lemonade.

Parole Chocolates


There is nothing better than macarons or ice cream. But why choose one when you can have both? Parole Chocolates combine the best of both worlds with their Ice Cream Macaron Sandwiches. They come in five different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, lychee, black sesame and pistachio.

And there you have it! Some of the best food trucks to check out during Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Fest. Make sure to arrive early to ensure your faves are still in stock and spread the word using our hashtag #downtownnewwest! See you on July 28th! #GETTRUCKEDUP

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