Hidden Gems: Great Downtown Spots Just Around the Corner

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

When you think of Downtown New West, it’s almost too easy to gravitate towards the stand-outs. While stores around Columbia Street certainly add a unique flair to the downtown aesthetic, there’s all sorts of shops and eateries even slightly off the beaten path that are equally worth the visit!

Feeling adventurous? Take a stroll around New West and join us in checking out these local jewels of downtown!

1) Pizzeria Ludica – 601 Carnavon Street


Finding a rustic slice of pie has gotten way easier in New West, now that Ludica opened up a New West location at the corner of Carnavon and Sixth St. Just take a light stroll from Columbia Station, and you’ll be welcomed with good food and plenty of board games to enjoy with friends and family!

2) Brick & Mortar Living – 40 Sixth Street


Brick & Mortar is one of many local shops that have taken over the downtown section of Sixth St, turning the area into a trendy place to explore, eat, and in this case, shop! Offering an eclectic selection of local gifts and crafts to choose from, this is one place on your stop through Sixth that’s a must-visit. *You just might bump into BML cutie, Susie Q the dog!

3) Patsara Thai – 528 Carnavon Street


Formerly a small bookstore tucked in between apartment buildings, Patsara was formed from the desire to bring authentic Thai food to New West. Years later, the restaurant is still serving excellent Thai cuisine in a quaint, but cozy location. Don’t pass up trying Patsara next time you’re nearby Columbia Station!

4) The Hide Out Cafe – 716 Carnarvon Street


In Downtown New West, Hide Out Cafe is one of the epitomes of “hidden gems”. Tucked in a far corner along Carnarvon across the street from the New Westminster Law Courts, this coffeehouse offers delicious homemade soups, grilled sandwiches and ooey gooey cinnamon rolls that are more than worth the trip. *They offer vegan, vegetarian, organic, and gluten free choices!

5) Good Omen – 34 Sixth Street


There’s nothing quite as serene as walking into Good Omen, where the atmosphere is as soothing and beautiful as the home and lifestyle products they provide. Rounding out Sixth St.’s stellar lineup of local shopping venues, Good Omen is all about making positive lifestyle choices; who doesn’t want that?

These are just a few places to check out next time you’re out and about in downtown New West! Got any other recs? Let us know using the hashtag #downtownnewwest! See you downtown!

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