Push the Boundaries in 2019

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Places in DTNW That Challenge Us Past Our Limits

When we call Downtown New West “The Original Downtown”, we don’t just mean it in a historical sense. The people of this city are innovators, constantly seeking to push ourselves beyond what we think we’re capable of. Many places are at the forefront of infusing vitality into the downtown lifestyle, both new and, dare we say it, original!

In fact, don’t just take our word for it: why not see for yourself the kind of services Downtown New West has to jostle you forward this new year?

1) Enriching Your Mind: Pandora’s Locks


Escape rooms have steadily grown in worldwide popularity over the last few years, and Pandora’s Locks offers a variety of different scenarios that’ll both test your mental acuity and scratch that puzzle itch for you and your compatriots. With fully automated adventures, Pandora’s Locks is a true brain teaser!

2) Strengthening the Body: Strong Side Conditioning


There are traditional gyms, then there’s Strong Side. With individualized fitness workouts, Strong Side bucks the trend of regular gyms by empowering its clientele with the knowledge and skills on top of equipment to achieve the physical goals they want. Not to mention, they’re a fun team to be around!

3) Renewing One’s Spirit: Waterfront Esplanade & Park

Pushing the Boundaries - 03 - Waterfront Esplanade

Not every innovative service is necessarily a business! Between Pier Park and the Waterfront Esplanade & Park, downtown is the perfect setting to recharge and reflect on one’s self (in rain or shine!), including the wider beauty around us. Don’t pass up taking a moment to drop by and relax: you’ll thank yourself for doing it.

4) Rethinking Our Intake: Coast Protein

Pushing the Boundaries - 04 - Coast Protein

Crafting a sustainable, conscientious food market is more important than ever, and Coast Protein has gradually been winning over retailers with their greener protein options. Beyond ordering online, you can catch their packaging team right here in New West!

5) Treats, Evolved: Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery

Pushing the Boundaries - 05 - Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery

Speaking of food, while we’re being mindful of our choices, it’s also important to let loose and treat yourself once in a while! Few places are as dedicated to baking beyond-delicious, gluten-free treats as Cloud 9. Whether you have Celiac’s, are on a diet, or simply curious to try, you’ll be happy you did it!

What other innovative businesses do you think belong on this list? Let us know using the hashtag #downtownnewwest! Happy New Year!

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