#RoyalCityGems: Columbia St. Sandwich Co.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Packing a lunch can be so exhausting. Forget all of that and, instead, eat fresh food that's locally made just down the street...

Columbia St. Sandwich Company has become a staple along our charming road. From breakfast to late lunch, the local eatery has a continuous flow of satisfied customers.

csandwich 11

photo by @jennifer10lynn

Managed by a pair of sisters, Melissa and Sam, the family business hustles like we've never seen - ensuring customers get bang for their buck and delicious food to boot! 

csandwich 2

When asked how they manage such fresh food, Melissa informed me that they were constantly prepping and baking new goods. This way, nothing sits for too long and customers aren't forced to sit around and wait.

csandwich 5

One thing in particular that they plough through? Avocadoes! Sam said they go through about 40-50 a day! (*See our must try sandwich below...it includes avocadoes)

csandwich 8

During our conversation, Sam and Melissa also stressed how important it was to meet their customers' needs. With the high volume of health clinics in the area, they offer a variety of gluten free and vegetarian options.

csandwich 10

photo by @sarahtheyogateacher

To keep things local, they make all of their food in house. Their soups are just one example of how they opt for fun exotic flavours and not your typical commercial ones. Morrocan chickpea or spicy Thai coconut anyone?

csandwich 8

Not to mention, they work hard to foster a community atmosphere in the shop. They know almost everyone's name. The secret? They learn about three names a day, exchange the names with each other, so at least one remembers. Neat trick huh?

Most popular: roast turkey cranberry sandwich or the turkey bacon avocado. *tip: even their roast turkey is roasted in house

csandwich 3

photo by @caralovexox

Melissa's Recommendation: A.C.E. Deluxe breakfast sandwich on an everything bagel with a soup on the side. So that's: avocado, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato, bacon and with a bowl of homemade soup.

csandwich 4

Sam's Recommendation: a lemmon cranberry muffin or a warm, fresh from the oven sausage roll.

csandwich 7

Be sure to follow them on FacebookInstagram and read their menu online.

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