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Friday, September 23, 2016

Stylish furniture soars to new heights

God bless IKEA but do we really have to spend an entire day making Swedish furniture? No honey. Lofty Living is here to save the day!

Let's just start with walking into the store feels almost decadent. We're talking a toasted coconut sundae with candied peanuts moment.

lofty 15


Their indulgent pieces were made for #TreatYoSelf kind of day.

lofty 4

Their bedroom set is sure to heigten any room from lax to luxury. (Seriously that headboard is total #goals)

lofty 9

Everything around the store is equal parts flirty and sassy - the sayings screened on the loose tops are too much and they even sell tutus!

lofty 16

Plus they've started carrying a small line of products for your tiny tot!

lofty 12
lofty 7

I spoke with the boutique owner, Shelagh, about her design aesthetic because c'mon this store is stunning!

lofty 6

Her words of widsdom for any aspiring decorator is to "start with the foundation." People often get too excited with the accessories and forget the room's main draws.

She recommends identifying your key pieces then build from there. You'll end up designing a complete room with a purpose than a room full of accessories.

lofty 18

So whether you're looking for the perfect birthday gift or a house warming present or it's #TreatYoSelf kind of day, then a stop inside Lofty Living is due. 

lofty 19

**they also have really cute cards.

Most popular item: 'wifey' Ts or sweaters. I mean this is the Bridal District, duh!

lofty 10

Perfect gift item: gold lips mugs or tea cups

**tip - if you buy the tea cup, the saucer is included.

lofty 13

One thing every house needs: Voluspa candles - they last forever, they smell delicious, and without the lid they act like a diffuser.

lofty 2

 **Goji is the best seller


For all their info, click HERE>

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