Self-Care Summer

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Traditionally when one thinks of self care, they might imagine laying in a bubble bath with the lights off and wine in hand. Which it can be, but it also goes beyond that.. 

We’re right in the middle of change and history is happening around us; it’s understandable that you might want to relax and focus on your own wellbeing. Here are some ways to focus on self-care this summer in Downtown New West.

If skincare, incense and beauty products are what consist of self care for you, then you might want to find yourself at Found Boutique or Good Omen! Both stores carry plenty of these types of products, as well as many small trinkets to make you smile. At Found, you can find products like artisan soaps, scented bath bombs and candles for unwinding during bath time. Good Omen also carries some plants for your house and it's been said that having plants around helps people feel better: from clean air to providing a sense of relaxation.

Good Omen

Another way to bring some relaxing greenery into your house is to visit one of our many florists and pick up some flowers to liven up your space. Try taking care of air plants or a terrarium from Bunches and Blooms, and maybe a lovely bouquet from Queen's Park Florist or Beautiful Roses. While you're at it, a unique vase from the Salvation Army might also suit your needs as well!

Pier Park1

Speaking of green, another way to unwind for you might be to spend some time outdoors in one of our public greenspaces. Like Pier Park, Quayside Park or along the Quay, where you can listen to the sounds of the Fraser River while enjoying the view. And as of this summer you can enjoy a drink to unwind in our city parks, stop by and pick something up at Pacific Breeze Winery or Steel & Oak Brewing before enjoying the sun.

Beyond all that, just being active can help brighten your mood. Santosha Yoga offers free Youtube yoga sessions on their website as well as some in person paid lessons to help you unwind.

Take care of yourself this summer!

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