Student Life in DTNW: Cheap Eats Edition

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


When you can’t live on instant ramen forever

Summer fun is over and now it’s back to the daily grind. We can all agree, part of student life is all about getting more bang for your buck with cheap eats. Whether you spent the summer interning, continued slamming through course readings, or spent too much living your best life, you have an entire semester to coast on your hard earned cash whilst saving enough on the side to fuel a minor coffee addiction.

Here’s where to get the best eats for a fiver or less in Downtown New West:

Columbia Street Sandwich Company, 550 Columbia Street

Go deluxe or go home with the A.C.E Breakfast Sandwich, any time of day. Loaded with avocado, cheese, eggs + lettuce and tomato on practically any kind of bread you’re craving for a killer $4.75. Later Timmies breakfasts, I even dream of this scrumptious sandwich. Did I mention their soups are $3?!


Spud Shack, 352-800 Carnarvon Street

Check out their Monday Madness special of half price poutine. If you’re not a math major, that means you get a $9.50 bowl of goodness for only $4.75! If you’re going to or from school, it doesn’t get any easier than hopping off the skytrain at New West Station to get your fries fix.

Spud Shack DTNW

Banh Mi Bar, 722 Carnarvon St

It pays to be vegetarian! Get your fix of healthy Vietnamese cuisine. Their vegan sub is only $4.75 and fully stuffed with fresh veggies. If you’re looking for something with some tender meat, the rest of their huge sandwiches hover around the $5.50 range and are worth every penny!

Banh Mi Bar DTNW

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips, Unit 130 - 66 10th St.

Okay, so this one isn’t five bucks or under but it’s too good of a deal to ignore if you’re hangry after a long, hard study sesh. Cockney's has an amazing Monday-Wednesday special; get all-you-can eat Fish & Chips for just $12.95! Disclaimer: we don’t suggest/condone readers slipping some in your backpack, but we wouldn’t blame you if you did!

Cockneys DTNW

Say goodbye to McDonald’s runs once and for all.

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