The Stranger Downtown: Celebrating August’s Weirdest National Days

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Here at the Downtown New West BIA, we love our National Days! They’re a fun way to observe & celebrate the community around us and what everyone has to offer. However, sometimes there are days so absolutely peculiar that even we’re forced to stop and do a double-take.

August alone has some of the highest numbers of national days per capita that are odd, if not downright strange.

But to us, that just meant a challenge. So crack those knuckles and get ready to scratch your head a lot, ‘cause we’re celebrating some weird national days downtown!

August 8th: Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbour’s Porch Day

Weird National Days - Donald's Market (Sneak Zucchini Day)

Yes, this is a national day. We’re not kidding, you can read all about it here. No, we don’t know how it managed to become a national day, either. We DO know where to find some good-quality zucchini*, however…

*The Downtown BIA does not encourage leaving zucchini on your neighbour’s porch on the 8th: we are not responsible for any consequences resulting from anyone attempting to do this.

August 17th: I LOVE My Feet Day

Weird National Days - Limina Wellness (I Love My Feet Day)

Making the love for one’s feet a national day: that’s a rare level of dedication, one we suppose should be celebrated? Well, how about taking the day off from work on the 17th and treating yourself (and your feet) to somewhere special?

August 25th: Secondhand Wardrobe Day

Weird National Days - Thrift Store (Secondhand Wardrobe Day)

We admit it: this day is the easiest to celebrate, but because it follows National Thrift Shop Day just the week prior (Also August 17th), it stands on this list as being generally acceptable to celebrate, yet strangely unnecessary twice in the same month. It’s... irking.

August 31st: Diatomaceous Earth Day

Weird National Days - Wine Factory (Diatomaceous Day)

First off, feel free to Google search what Diatomaceous Earth is. Go on, we’ll wait.

Completely random, right? While we can’t confirm if anyone in the downtown area actually sells this, the filtration of beverages happen to be The Wine Factory’s specialty: why not cap off the summer by taking a lesson in bottling your own wine?

Honorable Mention: Lazy Day - August 10th (We’d write more about this one, but we didn’t feel like it.)

There are plenty more strange days where that came from! Why not take a look for yourself and let us know what silly and odd national days you’ve decided to celebrate downtown and tag us using #downtownnewwest

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