Vintage Walk in Downtown New West

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Looking for something to do this summer? Downtown New West offers tons of spots for cool and trendy vintage shopping, as well as many historic sites, all within walking distance! Check out the vintage walk poster here!


Uncommon Vintage:

Located on the second floor of the New West River Market, Uncommon vintage sells a curated collection of streetwear and vintage clothes, where you are sure to find a piece you’ll love!  

810 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, BC 


Photo: / ig 

Classique Grails:

Classique Grails is one of Downtown New West’s newest additions! Classique Grails is located at Shops at New West, in New Westminster Station. If you are looking for curated vintage clothes and sneakers this is the spot for you! 

800 Carnarvon Street #271, New Westminster, BC 


Photo: @classiquegrails / ig  

Grand Central Consignment:

Looking for vintage and designer wear? Grand Central Consignment specializes in designer clothing and has an extensive plus size section of their store!  

719 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster, BC 


Photo: Tim McGinnis / google images 

Salvation Army:

If you are looking for some cheap thrifted finds, head over to The Salvation Army at 800 Columbia Street, next to Hyack Square. You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in their vast collection of clothing, furniture, décor and knick-knacks! 

774 Historic, Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 


Photo: Stuart Smith / google images 

Antique Alley:

Antique Alley is located on Front Street, and is filled to the brim with antique furniture, movie props and vinyl records! Stroll through this maze of antiques and pick up your next favourite find! 

605 Front Street, New Westminster, BC 

Fun Fact: Front Street has been used to film many different movies over the years, such as Rumble in the Bronx, Twilight, and Godzilla! 


Photo: Salim Yusuf / google images 

Mila + Paige:

Mila + Paige is not a vintage store; however, this boutique carries other sustainable and handmade goodies such as bags, coasters and jewelry from vendors around the world! 

665 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 



Arundel Mansions Hotel:

This Victorian-style hotel is sure to catch your eye with its beautiful wide windows and elegant staircases. Take a walk down Begbie Street to take a look, or book a night to stay on their website here.  

48 Begbie Street, New Westminster, BC 

Fun Fact: The Arundel Mansions were built in 1912 and is an example of late Victorian and Edwardian era design. The hotel contained the first elevator to operate without an attendant in New West! 



The Met Hotel:

Another historic hotel, The Met offers beautiful Victorian architecture and waterfront views. Stop by to check out this heritage building or grab a bite to eat at their in-house restaurant, The Met Bar & Grill. Book a night to stay here.  

411 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 

Fun Fact: The Met Hotel (previously known as the Burr Block) was one of the only establishments in downtown New West that survived the Great Fire of 1898. The fire was put out when it had already destroyed nine-tenths of the downtown.  


Photo: The Met / google images 

Kelly and Carlos O’Bryan’s – Historic CPR Railway Station:

This historic railway station has been transformed into a pub complete with delicious eats and great beer!  

800 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 

Fun Fact: The original CPR railway station was made of wood, however after it was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1898, it was rebuilt in fireproof materials. The railway station remains as it was rebuilt in 1899.  


Photo: @kellyobryansnewwest / ig 

Begbie Court: 

Begbie Court is a large three-storey red brick and stone Romanesque Revival building that was built in 1890. You won’t want to miss this heritage building on your walk up Carnarvon Street! 

668 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster, BC 



Westminster Trust Building:

Considered the first skyscraper in New West, the Westminster Trust Building is complete with high arches and elegant architecture. It now houses Waves Coffee, where you can grab a quick bite or your daily dose of caffeine!  

715 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 



Hyack Square:

Situated between Kelly O’Bryan’s and The Salvation Army, Hyack Square is the central plaza to downtown New West. It features the historic photo-sculpture titled Wait for Me Daddy, the photo of which was taken by Claude P. Dettloff in 1940.  

800 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 


Photo: @gadabouttown / ig 

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