A Student's Guide to New West

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Studying is exhausting, and take it from a fellow student, you are going to need four things: study spaces, coffee, cheap beer and even cheaper food, so we thought we’d give you a few recommendations in Downtown New West.

S t u d y  S p a c e s



Need to study a quarter million different flashcard sets? Try doing them on a hammock at the urban beach while cursing yourself out for not starting to study earlier.    

Pier Park


If the stress feels overwhelming, try studying by the water at Pier Park. It feels amazing to frantically calculate exactly what percent you need to pass in nature instead of your apartment or basement suite.

C O F F E E 

Old Crow Coffee

pour over

Saying students need coffee is like saying eight midterms is way, way too many, it’s a fact that nobody but the stats department disputes. Luckily Old Crow can revive even the most sleep deprived student and they have a whole new plant-based menu that makes a sweet eco-friendly combo.

The Hide Out Cafe

hide out

Their Americanos are to die for and they’re sure to keep you awake for the entirety of that four-hour lecture.. (why, why is it that long?)


Did you pass an exam that you thought you absolutely failed? Did you get into all of your required courses? Did you just finish the semester? Time for a beer!

Paddlewheeler Pub


These guys not only have cheap drinks, they also serve some fantastic food. It’s a great place to celebrate or to force yourself to complete that stupid online discussion that’s somehow worth 20% of your final grade, either way worth a visit.

C h e a p  E a t s

Columbia Street Sandwich

columbia sandwich

These guys make fantastic, cheap, sandwiches that make an excellent breakfast before a lecture, just don’t let the prof see you eating in the zoom call.

AKD Kitchen


Tired of instant ramen? Get some quick ramen from AKD Kitchen with a side of their awesome miso soup.

Spud Shack

spud shack

Need something hearty and delicious but couldn’t care less if it’s healthy? Three words: Spud Shack poutine, need we say more?

Hopefully our recommendations can help make your studies more pleasant or at least help you escape the house. Let us know your favourite spots on social media: @downtownnewwest

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